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January 08, 2019 4 min read

The world of esports is becoming increasingly popular each year, and some of the top competitive gamers boast salaries exceeding $10,000 per month. Some of the money they earn comes from winning tournaments and other high-profile events. Other payments come from merchandise sales and social media advertisements. 


As with any competitive field, those involved are always on the search for new ways to stay ahead of the rest and to stand apart from the herd. Many of them get plenty of sleep and eat balanced diets to ensure they have the best possible focus and reaction times. While some use standard ways of boosting their performance, others supplement their diets with nootropics. This guide explores supplement use and how it affects the world of competitive gaming. 

How Brain-Enhancing Supplements Work

Before trying to understand how nootropics work to improve brain function and enhance the gaming experience, learn how the brain works. The human brain consists of many different sections that work together and communicate with each other. 


The brain uses electric impulses and chemical transmitters to achieve the desired result and improving the way the brain works will also boost performance. Brain-enhancing supplements work by providing the brain with a natural boost of nutrients that stimulate areas of the brain related to focus, reaction time, memory and more. 

Increased Speed

Speed is everything as far as first-person shooters and other esports are concerned. Players need to move quickly so that they can achieve their objective before the other team has time to respond. Those who play online shooters must line up their shots and fire before the other player has enough time to shoot back. 


Those who want to stand out from the heard are now using supplements that improve their reaction times and provide them with the needed edge to come out ahead. Even a reaction time improvement of less than one second can make a big difference in the fast-paced arena of online gaming. A speed-enhancing nootropic could be the key a player needs to defeat an otherwise equally matched opponent. 

Increased Stability

Stable hand-eye coordination is critical for any esport participant who wants to take the lead and leave the competition behind. Players who race need to make precise movements to go around corners and avoid crashing into other racers, and those who opt for online shooters need a steady hand to take aim and fire the winning shot. 

Some people who lack adequate hand-eye coordination believe they don't have a way to improve their skill, but that is no longer an issue. Plenty of the top focus enhancing pills can do wonders to improve anyone's coordination. The change might seem small at first but will add up over time with practice and continued use. 

Increased Focus

No matter the esport a gamer decides to play, the gamer won't make it far without the ability to focus on the task at hand. Racers must pay attention to the track so that they can move out of the way when someone in front of them crashes. In first-person shooters, its vital players have enough mental alertness to detect enemy players before the enemy sees them. A high-quality nootropic can enhance anyone's focus and provide a distinct advantage in any esport. Since every player understands the value of focus, everyone can see the benefits of a focus enhancing nootropic. 

Increased Reaction Time

With all other factors being equal, a player's reaction time is the deciding factor that determines who wins and who loses. Those who enjoy first-person shooters will often spot enemy players in unusual places and at unexpected times. The player with the fastest reaction time is the one who remains standing in these situations. 

Dedicated players can make great strides at improving their reaction times with years of practice and commitment. Those who would like to enjoy immediate results can reach their goal by taking a nootropic that improves their reaction time. Combining the nootropic with regular practice lets them achieve impressive results before they know it, and the players who try it for the first time are stunned when they see the impact it can have on their reaction time and overall experience. 

Increased Memory

Another brain function that impacts the way players perform during esport competitions is their memory. Those who can remember enemy positions, or the locations of bonus items tend to play much better over the long run than those who don't. By recalling the locations of enemy players, gamers can decide which attack method is the best possible fit for the situation. While not everyone is gifted with a great memory, everyone can use memory-boosting supplements to boost their performance to a whole new level. 


Increased Planning

Planning and problem-solving skills are valuable resources for anyone who wants to make money as a professional player. During first-person shooter competitions, the team leader has to plan two things at once. The leader must plan how the team will defend their own base and how they will attack the enemy's base, and resources must be divided to each task. 

Inability to plan and think of the possible outcomes for each course of action makes it next to impossible to pull off this task. Anyone who wants to improve the planning and problem-solving sections of the brain can use the latest nootropics to do the trick. 

Final Thoughts

The fast-paced and highly competitive world of online games demands players to push their skills and abilities to the limit each time they load up their favorite game and put themselves to the test. Improving their skill and reaction time is possible with months or years of dedicated practice, but not everyone wants to wait that long to reach the goals they have in mind. 

To improve the speed at which they can build their skills, some players turn to nootropic supplements to fill the gap. Directing nutrients and increasing blood flow to the brain, these supplements activate critical areas of the brain to let the player enjoy enhanced performance that gives them the necessary edge to overcome the odds.

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