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December 05, 2018 3 min read

The rise of eSports is a defining moment in the history of sports. The idea of professional video game players is gaining acceptance, and eSports are in the perfect position to rise to the top. Currently, at least eSports attracts at least 100 million viewers annually. The future of eSports is going to change how people think about virtual entertainment, and we're watching it happen before our eyes. 


The current scene has its origins in the mid-2000s online gaming culture. Players across the world honed their skills, and online communities developed a competitive culture around their favorite games. Game developers took notice of these trends, and they created the first prize contests for gaming. Fast forward to today, professional players can win six-figure prizes playing the games they enjoy. Professional gaming is changing the way we think about athletes, and this new wave of players might give the sport the respect it deserves. 


The size of the gaming audience is enormous, and it continues to grow every year. Games like Overwatch and Fortnite attract millions of players. These players enjoy playing their favorites themselves, but they enjoy seeing others play as well. Modern gaming offers eSports fans a unique opportunity to interact with their favorite players. These pros play the game in their free time with their fans, and their fans are across the world. Traditional sports like football can't offer people the same dynamics. This innovation is part of the reason eSports is overtaking traditional sports. People are hungry for something that lets them enjoy the experience with athletes. Professional gaming is changing the role of the spectator. You can talk to these players while they're playing their favorite sport. There is nothing in the past you can compare to eSports, but you can see where the future is taking pro gaming. 


If eSports is going to become an essential sport, it's going to come from the stars of professional gaming. The biggest names are engaging sports media, and the first impressions they leave are good. Most sports magazines are willing to embrace these players with open arms. It's going to take time to help people adjust to the idea of gaming athletes, but the media coverage these players receives might help. The professional community seems to be passionate, their insistence on creating unique personas is commendable. These are the qualities athletes need to become stars in their domains, and their readily visible in the world of eSports. 


When you see the salaries of professional players, it's easy to respect the careers they pick. These gaming contests reward players with millions of dollars and the prizes are growing in size. The top pros make six-figure salaries a year, and they can win prizes worth millions of dollars. Their incomes are similar to the bank accounts of other athletes, but there's plenty of room to grow. Video games are the center of modern pop culture. The gaming industry generates billions of dollars a year, and professional players are going to see some more profit on their side. 


As a spectator sport, gaming is going to boost everything it touches. Streaming apps will benefit from the rise of eSports, and other services catering to fans can expect some growth. The games professional players focus on tend to change over time. The success of slower games is shifting the profession towards a methodical approach. The long sessions should make eSports more lucrative, and garner respect from the sports world. Sports culture is going to change, and this is an example of how that happens. The gaming industry is redefining what it means to play.

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