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April 13, 2020 5 min read


Rightfully so, collagen has received undeniable attention from the nutrition and beauty industries alike. Collagen provides a lot of benefits ranging from the rejuvenation of hair, skin, and nails, to the restoration of muscles, tendons, and joint function. Collagen production decreases as the human body ages but no one wants to feel the impact. Joint and muscle pain? Dull skin? Thin hair? No, thank you! Habitual collagen consumer Tiffany Kay has taken the time to share the benefits of collagen, how she incorporates GLEAM into her daily routine, and tips she’s picked up to help you experience noticeable and desirable results. 




One of the most common questions I’ve been asked is about what collagen I use after I shared a picture of my new hair growth and it BLEW people’s minds. Honestly, it blew my mind. So here we are… let’s talk COLLAGEN.


First of all, I know this will shock many of you but I’m NOT a doctor. I would love to marry a doctor, and I’ve for sure seen the ER series with George Clooney back in the day… but I’m no doctor. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m just telling you what I do and what has worked for ME. So you do YOU, and take this for what it’s worth. Can we move on now? Okay, good. (Eyeroll)



I take1 scoop of collagen every single morning. I either mix it into my green smoothie or my morning coffee. When I’m traveling I keep little mini ziplock bags with me with a measured scoop in each one. Shockingly, TSA has not stopped me assuming it was cocaine (it’s a finely ground white powder…) 😂

I’ve even sprinkled it over my yogurt or mixed it into a water bottle, snuck it in my energy drink, etc. There’s really plenty of ways to take it – just do what works best for you!”


Collagen is hands down one of my secret weapons. It’s something I take EVERY day because when taken consistently YOU SEE RESULTS. That’s my biggest tip –CONSISTENCY. So if you have a hard time remembering to incorporate new things into your routine, leave it out on the counter so you have no excuse to forget.  Just like with anything in life, if you aren’t consistent, you won’t see results. So don’t @ me if you take it once a week and nothing is changing for you… ummm, no shit.


Okay, but why do I love collagen? If you know me, you know I love products that I can see results from (I mean, don’t we all?). I also love products that multitask. Collagen does both of those things for me which makes it an essential part of my beauty routine.


Collagen promotes healthy hair in a handful of ways – which is perfect for me because I have thin stringy ass hair that needs all the help it can get. The protein can be used to replenish hair loss and make for stronger, more luscious locks. It can also prevent hair follicle damage and GRAYING. HELLO!

The biggest difference I’ve seen in my hair is re-growth, especially around my hairline where I feel like I’ve always wanted more fullness. The photo below shows my little baby hairs after usingGLEAMdaily for 3 months. I NEVER expected results like this… I’m DEAD.




Oh skin… my one and only love. Nothing makes me feel better than having great skin and you guessed it, collagen helps with that as well. Collagen is a MAJOR component of your skin.  Collagen plays a role of strengthening your skin, and improving elasticity and hydration. Think PLUMP, GLOWY skin. Ummm…. YES PLEASE!!!!

The reality is, as you age your body produces less collagen [insert cry emoji here] so taking collagen supplements can help counteract the decline of collagen in your body and actually help slow down the aging process. HOLLA!

SIDE NOTE: There are also a lot of people who swear by collagen for clearing up their skin as it has been known to help fight inflammation. I can’t speak to this but I know it certainly can’t hurt and is sure as hell worth a try… worse case is you’ll get all the other benefits from it. 😉


You should know that I have the most soft, brittle nails on the planet. If my nails grow past a certain point without breaking I seriously feel like I’ve won at life and cherish every waking moment I have with my nails until inevitably one or more of them breaks.

After using GLEAM religiously (again, consistency is KEY) I can honestly tell you my nails are stronger than EVER and I don’t rely on nail polish to keep them strong anymore. I’m telling you… collagen is the total package.


Luckily, I don’t have joint pain (yet). But you know who does? Dan. The love of my life who happens to be a bit older than myself (#daddyissues). So I sneak it into his green shake everyday purely for selfish reasons – so I don’t have to hear him complain. HAHA I’m an asshole. We all know this…

If you have joint pain, collagen has made a big difference for a lot of people and it’s definitely worth a try.


There’s honestly plenty of benefits of collagen so just google it for all the details… but protein is the last one I’m going to talk about because protein is such a bonus when it comes to taking collagen. Some people use collagen powder to replace their daily protein shake. I don’t use it as a replacement, but as another source of protein because protein helps build lean muscle and always helps with my metabolism.

It’s just one more easy way to give my body what it craves but the beauty of GLEAM is that it's tasteless and is so finely ground that you can’t even tell it’s in your food or drink! It’s the perfect sneaky little way to get your partner or unsuspecting family members to take collagen without even knowing it.



If you’ve made it this far, thank you, and as always we hope you found this post beneficial! Collagen is an easy and incredibly beneficial supplement to consider adding to your daily routine to:
> Protect your body from age-related decline
> Have intense workouts
> Not allow skin, hair, and nails lose their strength and luster
> Live fully aided by your joints’ natural comfort and mobility
    Stay tuned for 3 Gleam latte recipes created by Tiffany that you can make from the comfort of home. 

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