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March 10, 2019 4 min read

Top 10 Best Blogs About Nootropics (Smart Drugs)


Are you a nootropic user? Are you interested in learning how to apply nootropics effectively and safely to hack your way to improved focus, enhanced memory, faster learning and/or heightened creativity? Do you want to get the latest news and ideas from experts?


Then add these blogs to your reading list. We waded through more than 50 nootropics blogs, including our favorite go-to standbys, to find the best, most interesting nootropics sites on the entire web. Here they are.


Brain Wiz Blog

This blog provides a realistic and applicable take on nootropics — in other words, explaining that taking nootropics is not like the movie Limitless — and uses real information on what smart drugs can and cannot do, with lots of information about each type and how they work. In addition to comprehensive links to scientific research, the content also provides numerous productivity hacks. You can also find downloadable guides for using these brain boosters and a quiz to help you select your personal nootropics stack. It’s a great blog for your go-to list.


Bulletproof Blog
The blog of Dave Asprey, the first modern day biohacker, and his team, includes articles with extensive sourcing, podcasts, guides, infographics, recipes and more. Of course, a primary reason for the blog is to sell Bulletproof’s biohacking nootropics. Go to the blog knowing this, and you can learn a ton from and should add it to your go-to list. On Bulletproof, you can also get a lot of information about how lifestyle activities (fasting, sex and sleep) act like nootropics too. After all, if you’re paying for smart drugs, then you had better up your sleeping, fasting and sex game, too!


Smart Drug Smarts 

Say that name three times fast. Now try it after your nootropic stack! This podcast covers five different topics: brain health, neuro-tech, smart drugs, nutrition and fringe. It is well produced and polished, making it an enjoyable listen. Each podcast also includes a written version, and gives a detailed list of topics, allowing you to skip right to the three minutes you’re most interested in hearing—or allowing you to jump past the ads at the beginning. When you’re a nootropic devotee, Smart Drug Smarts podcast is definitely worth tuning into now and again.


This blog is designed primarily to help you build your own nootropic stack. You get information on how to do this, including an easy-to-use menu to find the best nootropics to use for various problems, like social anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, etc., as well as blogs about how nootropics interact with one another, their actions/effects, possible side effects or safety concerns, and more. Definitely include this site as you design your stack. The one downside is that the site is slow to load.


Limitless Mindset 

This is a YouTube vlog with more than 200 videos about nootropics and biohacking. It also includes a related website with articles, a podcast, marketplace, membership, apps and videos that creator Jonathan Roseland calls “too edgy for YouTube.” One downside: There is a lot of hype, so use your discretion and double check the recommendations by consulting the research and information on another of these nootropic blogs. That said, Limitless Mindset is a fun, entertaining, graphics-driven website with loads of information and ideas.


Nootropic Geek

Nootropics Geek takes a comprehensive approach to nootropics on the home page, dividing them into the categories: brain vitamins, antioxidants, regenerators, energizers, circulation boosters, modulators, racetams and anti-stress. It’s a great blog for gaining a comprehensive overview of brain boosters, as well as to read reviews and get biohacking and nootropics tips and ideas, too. Refer to it as you build your stack or make tweaks. 

The creators pitch the site as, “Fully independent from the start, we’ve never sold any supplements. Or done any coaching or consulting. Or any kind of advertising or sponsorship.” The articles on explain everything in detail and include the basics, use multiple references and take a scientific look at various topics and biohacking claims. What they do sell on the site are guides, like the “best combinations of supplements,” tailored to your biohacking/nootropic goals. It’s a good site to add to your go-to list to get more information or to evaluate other sites’ claims.


Nootropics Zone

This blog includes lots of relevant content, like how to talk to your doctor about nootropics, along with specific product reviews, articles about how to build your stack, and more. If you like your information in written form featuring toned-down language, then be sure to add this blog to your list.



This blog includes the post, “The Definitive List of 120+ Nootropics Supplements and Drugs,” making it a good go-to for a comprehensive look at smart drugs. Throughout its blog posts, it also examines how to use various nootropics, and makes it easy to find brain boosters by topics, like sleep, aging, etc.



Although this site doesn’t bill itself as a nootropic blog, some of its longform, detailed essays cover nootropic topics, like modafinil and LSD microdosing. All of the essays pull in research from numerous sources and go deep into the covered topics, more so than the other blogs. Because of this, it differentiates itself from the crowd as an interesting place to check now and again for super in-depth content.


Whether you’re just getting started with smart drugs, already live your biohacking life to the fullest extent possible, or are somewhere in between, these 10 blogs will help you build your nootropics stacks and experiment more effectively than ever before. Be sure to take a look or listen, and add them to your go-to list.

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